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Asus Service Centre is your preferred, one-stop solution to Unlock and Repair any Asus product including Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, and the like. We guarantee you topnotch services at full pelt. Our Asus Experts at asus service centre in Chennai promise to preserve your privacy and guarantee 100% confidentiality of your data. We are ardent about keeping our services transparent to our customers - no hiding, no secrecy - we explain you the underlying issues, suggest repairing measures, and get it repaired upon your approval. On-time delivery is what we are often appreciated for! Come on - experience our services and impeccable features! You’ll go back satisfied – that’s our promise!





Knock us

Got a non-functional gadget? Are there booting errors on your laptop? Glitch in the Smartphone? Hard Disk error? Drenched in water? Cool, worry not! Be it any issue, bring it to us! No matter what problem you are facing, we are here to serve you. Knock our doors and we will be on toes to attend to you!

Suggest & Solve

Our panel of expert technicians at Asus mobile service centre in Chennai will thoroughly analyze the issue and assess the underlying cause. With their rich hands-on experience, they shall suggest you the best solution to resolve the issue without burning a hole in your pocket. Consult with our technician and understand what your gadget will go through while repairing.


Grab your all-new Asus product fully serviced and repaired by our expert hands! We shall treat your gadget without hindering the personal data stored in them like photos, videos or texts. Get your gadget on the exact promised date of delivery and go back home with utmost satisfaction!

Why Choose Us?


  • Affordable

    First things first - we keep our rates minimal! In this era of internet and technology, we know how imperative it is to have Smartphones, laptops and other gadgets to ease our day-to-day activities. We value it - we value your need. So, no shelling out extra money towards repairing or servicing your Asus product! Pay what’s nominal and feel the happiness of our excellence in service. We achieve this by our Check-N-Quote formula where our team will check your devices and based on the issue, we raise the quote. We don’t follow any flat rate system.

  • Expert Servicing

    What more is needed than whopping 24 years of Servicing experience? That’s more than two decades - that’s huge. At Asus service centre near me, we have skillful and expeditious servicing experts who can swiftly churn out the job. They know how to assess, what to assess, what needs repair, and what doesn’t! There lies the magic. The efficacious perspectives of expert eyes are unparalleled! They hold rich familiarity and understanding of Asus products with which we provide targeted solution to your repairing and servicing needs.

  • On-time delivery

    Our technicians have got superpowers! They do their job in a jiffy! Minor issues and glitches can be addressed and resolved on the same day, whereas complex issues involving strenuous efforts or replacement may demand extended time period depending on the case. There are employees, freelancers and companies that totally rely on their gadget for their daily duties! We value your needs - we’ll make it fast! When you look for Asusservicecentre near me that can quickly get you the Asus product repaired, we, the Asus service centre in Chennai is going to be your preferred choice.

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Our Blog

Phone Fixing Tricks

Drenched in Water

Act fast! Quickly remove the phone from water. Dab it using a paper towel or hanky (remember not to wipe as you may push water in). Dismantle the phone by extracting all the detachable parts - the SIM card, SD card, battery etc. Now, keep it buried inside raw rice for at least 2 days (hey, don’t get tempted to know if it’s working). Your Smartphone should work now. If not, try a battery replacement.

Cracked Screen

If you are unfortunate for the day and slipped your phone causing screen cracks, you can’t resist worrying! Don’t wait - go on and take a backup of all your photos and media files and contacts and ensure safety of data. Gently look for broken pieces, if any. Now, it is advisable to seek help from a retail outlet to change the screen. Learn from mistakes and practice to handle your Smartphone with extra care.

Dysfunctional Charging

Extensive usage and wrapping and unwrapping of the USB charging cable maybe the cause for improper mobile charging. If this is not to be blamed, go on and check the wall adapter. Even this fails, go on and check the USB port in your device. Perhaps, there is a tiny bend in the charging socket. So, remove the back cover and battery. Using a small pin or any tool, straighten the bend in the socket and assemble your phone back again. It may work now!

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